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      I live in an apartment and I have 2 balconies. I want to cover one of the balconies to make more space inside my living room. There are other similar departments on the street, where its covered but none in my apartment building.

      I want your advise on how to proceed about the same.

      I called the Gementee and they said its allowed. In the VVE, I asked the Question at the end of the meeting when most members were gone. So i was advised to wait for next VVE meeting. I want to understand, can this we only done by the vVE meeting and if i request such a meeting form y work, do i have to bear the cost of the meeting or I should wait for another year for the next meeting.



        Hi Priyao,
        You need to request the board of the VvE to put this on the agenda of the next meeting. Then every owner in the VvE can vote either for or against the plan.
        Beforehand, you need approval of the authorities (the ‘gemeente’, which you allready got), and you probably need the approving constructiondrawings/documents of a technician/engineer to convince the other owners it is actually becoming a safe ‘extension’.
        You can ask the board of the VvE to organize a VvE-meeting sooner, but chances are you need to pay for it.

      2 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 2 (van in totaal 2)
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