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      I  have block warming in the apartment and I want to change one of the radiators in the bathroom due to Renovation. I was told, i cannot get it changed by anyone else and only by the company who maintains the Block Warming System. I dont like this company as i dont find their way of working very transparent. Moreover they are 100 Km away from the place where i live and charge the transportation costs. They are also not telling me the right estimates for the cost it will take to change a radiator. They say they have to empty the pipes of the whole heating system for this work which i think is the old and time consuming way to do it. for sure it makes money for them but not good for the limited budget i have. I feel very irritated now. Kindly advise how to deal with it. The VVE owners representative is also not very helpful on this. Thanks


        It’s probably not your radiator, but it’s a common good. That means you can’t actually choose the company working on this, it’s the VvE’s choice.
        From what I understand it is also possible to temporarily freeze the pipes, but I’m not sure it’s possible in every situation.

      2 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 2 (van in totaal 2)
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