slappened vve, wakker… nieuwe regels, en geen airbnb

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      Dear VVE

      I hope you can help me out with an issue with a “slapped VVE”
      I am English speaking, but please go ahead and answer in Dutch!

      I haven recently renovated my apartment. It has a cool design with sauna and so my friend recommended I rent it out on airbnb when im traveling for work or away on weekends as it happens a lot.

      I did not realise that “airbnb” is now illegal in NL.
      Ive been doing it for a few weeks and it went well, but 2 weeks ago I was away for 2 weeks and in that time the neighbours noticed that some other people were coming to the house.
      They made a huge commotion in our apartment whatsapp group and are looking to “wake up” the VVE and set rules.

      Specifically the gemente is Leiden, and they are not opposed to airbnb provided there is no “overlast”
      The VVE of course should be on board.

      My question then is…

      What are my rights?

      Can the VVE impose rules
      How do new rules take shape
      Can I be opposed to rules
      What if they make rules for “long term renting” but are opposed to short term renting.
      Do I have any say in this?

      What rules are “too far reaching” … so how much power does the VVE really have

      For example, they can say that renting is “overlast”
      However one of the neighbours has an old dog that… frankly has never been washed before and smells terrible.
      I have asked before about the smell but everyone has simply accepted it as that neighbour is very old.
      When its raining, its difficult to come into the house due to the terrible smell the wet dog brings into the apartment hall way.

      I am interested to put a camera and electronic lock (
      How can we vote for this?
      I wanted to offer to pay for it as it would make things so much easier

      Now they they might become an active VVE…
      They are considering to put things down int he splittings akte
      What If I dont agree to this?

      Great, its a lot of questions… hope someone can recommend!

      Looking forward and of course if you have any more questions do let me know 🙂

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